Composer Artist Producer Teacher

Erik Brinkman, originally from Sweden started playing the piano when he was 6 years old. Studied Jazz & Improvisation in Sweden and Norway before moving to France in 2006. Erik, now based in Geneva, Switzerland, is working with many different musicians from all over the world, playing concerts regularly at Jazz festivals and various venues around Europe.


As a composer and music producer Erik has several albums available on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms. He also compose and produce custom made film music for films documentaries and commercials in various genres.

Erik is the CEO of MPC music, artistic director & music manager for several hotels and produce around 200 concerts and events per year. Thanks to many years of experience Erik has built up a great network of professional and experienced artists from all around the world.

As a singer, piano player, organ player and composer, Erik is also a passionate music teacher and vocal coach. Go to the Classes section for more info.